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OH GOD!!! [19 May 2003|12:42am]
I havent updated my journal in a month. I finally got my internet connection back cause khalid left. Checked my email for first time in 3 weeks. no mail of course so it didnt matter. our new manager is a loser. I always thought david was strict but mel is a lameass bitch. I mean...gimme a break! well, at least I have a terrible pain in my head so I cant sleep ever. Thats good right? I thought so. On a lighter note ali doenst have a home... hahaha.... oh man... Thats so funny. He needs to learn some respect from living with his dad anyways. well, I know somethings have happened important recently but I cant think of any cause I took 3 benedryl. I'm dying bye
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notices :( [23 Apr 2003|02:06pm]
well, my brother "had things to do" yesterday. SO, He asked me to be on call for him. I locked up last night and guess what? I had notices...so I'm about to go pass them out right now! lucky me. he's gonna be on call for me on sunday to make up for it. But guess what? There arent ever any notices on sunday. So, I got ripped off like a mother fucker. Well like the french say, "bonjour nes pas? como tallez vous?"
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ges 131 is stupid [23 Apr 2003|12:51pm]
well, the word is out. My 12:00 class is rediculous. Theres no way you can not only consider this important...but even a class at all. I mean...theres nothing of any value that we will ever learn in here. We are learning to draw and shit...come on!!! Ever heard of autocad? It does the same thing...except easier and without pencils? Yeh well, anyways. We are making a robot to have a competition where we pick up balls and put them in a box. This will really help us out in the future. Right? Yeh (sarcastically) well, at least the group I'm in really makes me feel like a true member and a friend (also said sarcastically) I cant wait to get out of this hell hole. Oh yeh..making my life better tuition is going up 1 million percent this fall. So I'm going to shelton cause its all I can afford. God help me is all I know to say.
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good god [21 Apr 2003|12:26pm]
they look so like I'm gonna fail. Yeh, but it will be ok. I can just retake everything some other time. I slept last night but only one or two hours...like usual. I really hate where I'm living. The commons really suck. beverly is a fat whore. but happy easter everyone. I ate left over easter eggs todays and threw up.
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heheh...sorry jon...its just a joke [20 Apr 2003|02:27am]
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::sigh:: [08 Apr 2003|05:07pm]
Happiness...something I bought last friday for 6100 dollars. Day 5: still havent received happiness. Sorry kelly, we all know how much you want this car you bought. But we have a small group meeting that we have to teach tonight, and by golly, we cant miss it for anything...not even our own child. I mean....they arent understanding people with children of their own. Right? OH well. I was gonna go to auburn thursday but I'll be lucky if I even have my car by then. It is sitting in birmingham...ready to go. Ready for me to come get it. Yup, I bet I'm the frist person to ever buy a car and not be able to get it off of the lot because my parents are too self centered to help me when I need it. But as for my happiness...maybe later. No time for that now. My parents made sure of that
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My Car...soon...hopefully. I mean, I paid for it and all [08 Apr 2003|01:34am]

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oh, shit and shit [02 Apr 2003|12:23pm]
Yeh I'm in ges 131...its not really a class. We just sit and draw with bob ross. But on a lighter note, I'm going to buy a jeep today. Without my best friend in the world no doubt. Two reasons...1) He lives in auburn. 2) hes a terrorist. 3) I hate you. But, still at least I will have my moment of glory with a new car. It may not last long but it will be great I mind you. You know...school is a joke to me these days. I rarely go and when I do its the days I know were not doing anything important. So, i figure if I fail enough classes I can just join the military and go to iraq. Sound good? I thought so well. I'm gonna go kill myself now
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4 letter word for psycological discomfort? Blah [31 Mar 2003|04:00pm]
Ever reach that point in your life where you dont care about anything anymore. You dont ever have enough time to do the things you want and are bombarded ("bombardment") with everything that you dont want to do? You cant commit to the things you should be doing because they are too boring. Then you spend too much time worrying about the things you cant have and wish you could? Everytime you go somewhere you are depressed because you see the car you have to get into. Its a piece of shit....SHIT I tell you. I dont fucking care about an education! Fuck your education shit. I'm so burned out on school that you couldnt get me fired up with a gallon of gasoline. My Job is boring. I'm sick of the fucking arcade. And all you "friends" can do is ridicule me cause I havent updated my journal, and cause I find a LITTLE happiness (amidst ALL the anguish and mind Boggling depression) in having a girlfriend to care about. At what point can I start enjoying waking up in the morning and finding a reason for my heart to continue pumping blood through my veins. (by the way, it put in a two week notice yesterday.) The school tried to screw me out of my loan refund. They were gonna try and slip me 100 dollars instead of the 1,400 They owed me. Think I noticed? would you? I want to move into a house so I can get a dog or something. My unit is getting called up tomorrow to go to iraq. Thank GOD. So I'm signing up for the suicide mission. At least I'll get some recognition that way. Maybe even kill a few people and complete a mission or two. yup well...wish me luck
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...heats up his left over texas toast... [19 Mar 2003|03:33pm]
well, the other day I got in the tank in front of the mall and ran over the protesters. all 5 of them. There were actually "run over the protesters" supporters. So as they cheered me on I crushed the opposers. I mean call me stupid (dont) but shouldnt we actually support our president (commander in chief of the military) and our armed forces who need our support in this serious time as opposed to all of our bitching? I mean...its not like they didnt know what they were getting into when they joined the military....you think they just did it to get a military discount? "whats that noise?" "war were declared". but you know what? if I were suddam, I'd take the money and run. I know khalid would. Khalid would take all his oil, dress me up as himself, and lock me in his office. Then, He'd flee the country and tell everyone that he was hiding in his office and to come and find him. and they'd be like "you did naaaat" so I'm outta here... lata bitches.
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Jons coming home hooray!!! [11 Mar 2003|03:49pm]
so I guess it will be nice to have a friend here at the apartment again...right? damn right I am....I always am. Well, guess I should go do some responsibility things or something...like clean or pay bills or something.
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::correction:: [10 Mar 2003|05:18pm]
I DO like the grand cannon defensive turret...but thats It I swear.
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boycott [10 Mar 2003|05:01pm]
I hate the french...I went to IHOP and I got texas toast with syryp...I mean, who needs anything french. any given american thing is better anyways right? I dont even eat crepes anymore and I threw my beret in the trash. so adios france...et tu brute? J'adore l'eax etas unis.
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why my life is actually kinda fun these says [10 Mar 2003|02:44pm]
sunday afternoon heather and I went to the park and flew kites. isnt that exciting? havent done that since the 3rd grade. I had a bugs bunny kite that said "whats up dog" actually it was doc, but from way up there it looked like dog. heather had an elmo kite and he was just chillin mindin his business. after that we got some cotton candy and watched the little kids play soccer and pet the little dogs frollicking about the park. Is that ok? I mean...is it cool for me to enjoy my life every now and then? Of course we made out on and off throughout the day making it even more pleasant. So to all you people who say you cant have fun with 5 dollars but I prove them. peace out my peeps. Be sure to shoot a war protester today to show your true american patriotism! lata
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...why I say fuck the anti-war pussies! [07 Mar 2003|12:31am]
Fuck all ya'll people who oppose the war. I say you're all pussies. What the fuck?!! you're the kind of people that let others run all over you and just sit back and not do SHIT. I mean...why join the military if when a war comes around youre just gonna whine. Just dont sign up. theres no draft or anything. And all you people not in the military, why the fuck do you care? You arent gonna have to fight or anything. why should you care if they go? what did the iraqis ever do for you? oh besides harbor terrorists and hog all the crude oil? Suddam hussain is a fucking lunatic and half of america is his best friend all of a sudden. I say we take all you antiwar pansies and make you live in iraq for about a month...then you can decide whether you like suddam enough to leave him in charge of one of the largest oil weilding countries in the world. Not to mention give him power over other people?? Come on...with all that money who has time for anything other than making nuclear bombs and anthrax and murdering all of your fellow countrymen who yearn for freedom. Even if he doesnt do any of those, has everyone forgotten that he tried to fucking kill everyone a couple years back? eh? desert storm. He's a fucking freak and he should die along with all the other liberal peace loving democrats. SUCK MY DICK LOSERS! you like war and want to convince your friends that its better than peace, check this site out http://irregulartimes.com/howtowin.html
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day 52 [28 Feb 2003|12:58pm]
...its quiet too quiet really. I'm still in class. when will it end? freddie died yesterday. They will come for me I know....I hope. Khalid stands in the corner at night...never blinking....never flenching. is he alive? who knows. I have to stay awake....stay awake....I keep telling myself 1:50 will be here soon...soon....stay awake...stay awake...they will come.
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yeah yeah...forever, i know [26 Feb 2003|12:43pm]
[ mood | carless (not careless) ]

ok, so this is my first update since valentines day...thats only like a couple of weeks. Isnt it? Well, let me get you up to par here. both my cars are broken down. I have a third job. I got written up at the apartments for not unlocking on sunday ::my cars fault obviously:: I paid my brothers power bill since december instead of mine and they cut my power off....(it cost 250 dollars to get cut back on) and...well...I'm hungry. So, go figure. no its not your fault. quit blaming yourself, I keep telling myself. But its futile. My lifes a sham...you know it, I know, bush knows it. hell so does powell. Who doesnt? mighty mouse, maybe superman (hes a pussy)uhm. o'reilly definitely knows. lucky for me I still have 69 days until basic training. so peace out

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valentines day! [14 Feb 2003|11:15am]
Hooray! its valentines day!! The Day of love. And so it came to pass why not that a wondrous thing happened...I went to work. Damn right...work. oh well...guess I didnt want to have a nice little valentines day with my girlfriend...sorry...no time for that. I have to work..work wrok wrok workworkworkworkwor.
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...well...well...well... [11 Feb 2003|01:12am]
[ mood | coughing ]

well....well...oh yeah uhm... I pretty much failed my chemistry test. Luckily for me my video card died though. Also I stole my friends girlfriend and he asked me how we were doing today....not only that but he told me that everytime he ever gets anything that makes him happy someone comes along and takes it away from him. I wonder if that was directed at me? Probably not. "Do you know what it feels like, being alone?" Khalid doesnt apparantly cause he is the coffee shop poetry guy now. Loser ::muttered under breath:: but oh well. maybe one day ali will move in with me but for now I'm really sleepy and my bed awaits my departure....from here...to there. yeah. ok

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...What happened when i got pulled over last night in northport... [01 Feb 2003|08:33am]
::police officer:: "you know I pulled you over because you dont have a tag?"

::me:: "yeah, see my brother just bought this from my dad like yest..."

::police officer (interrupting me):: "hey arent you..."

::me:: "Brians little brother"

::police officer:: (deep sigh) "get the fuck out of here" ::walks off::
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